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Synthetic-free Living

Our products are made by hand with passion-fueled simplicity. We use high quality natural materials that are present in, or produced by nature. We scan the globe to find raw materials that are directly extracted from plants, minerals, or animal sources as possible. 

Our product line is made in small batches while securing attention to detail. We use only essential oils for fragrance, providing aromatherapeutic benefits for a whole lifestyle. Vegetable oils, butters and sometimes waxes provide the base for our wares. Organic herbs and spices are used to provide color. 

Our natural body-care products are considered perishable in that we use no synthetic or chemical preservatives they are free of: petroleum, parabens, artificial colors, or fragrances.

Our company name reflects our philosophy that we respect all humankind treating each individual as a whole. We are mindful that each person is unique, with specific skin care and lifestyle needs and preferences. 

 We respect and value our consumers, our planet, and all animals by practicing a crafting process that leaves as small a footprint as possible. We do not perform or support animal testing.

We are all connected. We fully believe that by living a balanced life simply, and sustainably, we can leave this world a better place than we inherited.


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